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Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

The difference between real email marketing and just sending out bulk messages to a distribution list is with us.

We understands the difference & we live it!. What is the difference? Results & the most extensive analytical and reporting systems.

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Bullish Marketing™ is an automated system that delivers the most efficient, direct, easiest to use email & sms marketing system with the most extensive analytical and reporting systems in the Industry. Whether your email campaign is going out to 1,000 or 10 Million people we deliver a complete, web-based solution for email & sms marketing today.

Bullish Marketing™ Broadcast Service Features:

  • SET IT & FORGET IT - Setup your email deliveries for the year or for good and get them delivered to your new and existing customers database that is updated daily & your customers will move with in your broadcast levels using Campaign Transition™.
  • Broadcast in professional HTML Email or SMS format.
  • Database API to sync to your personal database or website
  • Broadcast delivery transitions of preset emails
  • Group your subscribers for easy management
  • Full robust tracking and reporting tools Large bandwith capability (3000 emails per minute).
  • Personalization tools for both subject line and body of email using a word editor.
  • "Tell a friend" feature that promotes viral marketing.
  • Customisable email templates for you to use.
  • Real-time campaign information & statistics.
  • Google Analytics™ email campaign tracking ready.
  • User-friendly campaign management.
  • No hassle set-up and training.

CLICK HERE to start using the Bullish Marketing™ system today, and have the right charging / marketing attitude!

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