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Email Marketing

The difference between real email marketing and just sending out bulk messages to a distribution list is with us.

Bullish Marketing™ understands the difference & we live it!.

What is the difference? Results & the most extensive analytical and reporting systems.

  • SET IT & FORGET IT - Setup your email deliveries for the year or for good and get them delivered to your new and existing customers database that is updated daily & your customers will move with in your broadcast levels using Campaign Transition™.
  • With Bullish Marketing™ it is one customer at a time. When your customers receive your email it has a personal touch in addressing them with their name details.
  • Create and build client relationships and understand your audience more intimately
  • We ensure your email marketing activities result in genuine competitive advantage.
  • View the email online if it does not display properly.
  • Fully featured email marketing system solution that can send professional HTML emails with a WORD online editor.
  • "Tell a friend" feature that promotes viral marketing.
  • Build, profile and target your customer databases with scheduled syncs daily.
  • Broadcast your emails in transitions, this means you can setup your customers to be emailed automatically the next email in the transition.
  • A professional disclaimer message at the bottom of the message for quality and professionalism.
  • Test your Email Campaign before you send it.
  • Automated "unsubscribe" link.
  • Google Analytics™ email campaign tracking ready.

CLICK HERE to start using the Bullish Marketing™ system today, and have the right charging / marketing attitude!

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